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Barbi Twins on health and fitness
"Were neurotic, psychotic and exotic. But most of all we are real people, and who better to reach out to a real person (man or woman) than one who has been there and done that. Maybe being a pinup and gaining celebrity status was our destiny so that our story can reach others and let them know they are not alone. If you feel alone and down: "put your hands in the air, step slowly away from the fork!"

- Shane and Sia Barbi

"Your not alone!
We love you and want you to be healthy!"

Like so many others, especially women and young girls, Shane and Sia Barbi struggled with life-and-death  eating disorders.  Rather than letting the disorder consume them they quickly turned around the negative to a positive by acquiring degrees in nutrition, biochemistry, and kinesiology and setting out to prove that you CAN recover and lead a healthier life than what an eating disorder epidemic  generally leads to.  They  applied their new found knowledge to themselves and soon found new health, and hope.  They then made it a mission to pass this hope on to others.

The twins have always been outspoken and discussing their personal knowledge on health issues with others struggling with weight, diet and health is no exception. They take every opportunity they can to pass their information on to others from being spokeswomen at lectures for universities nationwide, in the media (newspapers, magazines, radio, and television), writing books, and (of course) the internet. 

Learning new ways to maintain good health can be difficult, boring and tedious, causing someone to quit and leading to feelings of failure cycling into one obsession after another.  The twins feel that being healthy doesn't have to be any of the above.  They attack the issues with their typical sense of humor, making parody of other diets and diet books, and laughing at themselves...

"We were known as the “Calorically Challenged Clones.
 We were so out of control, grocery clerks had to weigh us
going in and out of the stores"  
 - Sia Barbi 



Barbi Twins Books
The Eco Anti-Diet
Raw Vegan book

. . . . . . . . . .
Dying to be Healthy:
Diet, Nutrition and
Self Help

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*The twins requested that all proceeds of their books be donated to eating disorder and animal charities for a better and healthier world for all.

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