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Barbi Twins on health and fitness - (cont)
"We want the public to know what we have learned about health and fitness.  We have written two books on the subject of nutrition and diet.  We now offer the entire book "The Eco Anti-Diet" online for FREE.   100% of our proceeds of the sales of the books goes to animal charities.  We hope you will buy a book for your library and help continue our fight for animal rights.  Thank you"

- Shane and Sia Barbi


   "Your NOT alone!
  You have help!  You can do it!"

Their newest book, "The Eco- Anti-Diet" contains food plans or "Anti-Diets" which are custom designed according to your own body type, life-style and family genetics. Your custom Anti-Diet frees you from compulsive eating and allows you to choose the foods that work for you. Discover what will boost your metabolism, and shape your body, allow you to eat without deprivation, rejuvenate yourself with an "ecology friendly" diet.

Click chapter links to download each chapter.

Chapter 1:    DANGER: Wide Load Ahead! (Dedication and Introduction)
Chapter 2:   
Popular Diets - "One Blonde's Meat is Another Blonde's Poison"
Chapter 3:   
Physical Tools
Chapter 4:   
The Eco Anti-Diets (seven food plan choices)
Chapter 5:   
Mental Tools
Chapter 6:   
Does This Chapter Make Me Look Fat?
Chapter 7:    
Adjusting the Metabolism
Chapter 8:   
The Chocolate Fetish:  Food, Sex, and Love
Chapter 9:   
Identifying Triggers and Issues
Chapter 10:  
Barbicise for Dumb Blondes (simple exercises)
Chapter 11:  
Natural Rx Remedies for the Beauty Within the Beast
Chapter 12: 
Dumb Blonde Menus, Charts, and Surveys
Chapter 13: 
"Dear Barbi," Fact or Fiction?
Chapter 14:  
Pet Health Tips
Chapter 15: 
Forty Days and Forty Nights, (Glossary, About The Authors)



The Eco Anti-Diet
Raw Vegan book

 Your Eco Anti-Diet =
Guilt Free Eating
+ Weight Loss
 + Supreme Health and Fitness

Follow Shane and Sia on this website and their social networks profiles as they discuss more information on health and fitness and how you can adjust your lifestyle to a healthier one.

* We do not endorse any one particular service regarding health and eating disorders. Check out different websites on-line, your local yellow pages or ask doctors, clinics and friends or family for guidance and recommendations.   Be informed! 

Media contact for Barbi Twins: James Gonis (310) 315-8635