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    Barbi Twins Biography and Media  


"The Sexiest twins alive" Cosmopolitan UK

"Sexual Icons"
 Entertainment Weekly

"Pop Icons" Entertainment Tonight

"Took the glamour world by storm"
 The London Sun

"Their career brought them caviar dreams and champagne life styles of the rich and famous"
USA Today

"Legendary....Hollywood Landmarks and global obsessions....their television appearances had the highest ratings"
Playboy Afterhours

"The best selling calendar model's of the world"
 Cosmopolitan UK

"America's Cartoon Sweethearts"
 Entertainment Weekly

"With their long hair and pouty lips, Sia and Shane Barbi were America's top pin-ups"
London Sun

"Popular Sex Symbols of the 90's" 
Stuff Magazine

"Valentine's Day
Favorite Pinups"
 LA Times

"Red, White and True-Blue Favorites of the American Fighting Men"
National Enquirer

"Started the celebrity model calendar business"
London Sun

Drop Dead Gorgeous"
LA Daily News

"Largest Selling Playboy Covers and Calendars"
 E! True Hollywood Story

"Gave the TV show their highest rating"
 E! True Hollywood Story

"Barbi Twins are 2008 Fans Favorite"

"At age 13 Prince William gave the twins  his royal seal of approval."
Sunday Magazine

"The Barbi Twins are Sexual Icons"
Entertainment Weekly

"We have the Barbi Twins!"
NBC Super Bowl Commercial

"Ken and Barbi, Hollywood's Hottest New Couple"

"Prince William was one of their biggest Fans"
The Mirror

"Barbi Twin calendar was found in Sadaam's Palace by American Soldiers"
E True Hollywood Story

"The sexy sisters calendars are the best sellers around the world, thanks to their greatest fans, the American Military"
National Enquirer

"The Barbi Twins gave us our highest ratings"
Entertainment Tonight

"The Barbi Twins are my all time favorites.  They were the sex symbols and ultimate fantasy of their time.... they need their own reality show"
Howard Stern

"Donald Trump swooned, the Barbi's swooned right back at him"
National Enquirer

"The most recognizable and famous twins in the world ever".
London Sun

"They prefer horses over Hollywood hoopla"
Ocean Drive Magazine

The Willie Nelson's of the Animal World"
Fox 411

"You can ask us about our cup size or favorite positions but please no personal questions"

- The Barbi Twins,

Newsweek's Overheard

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 Barbi Twins

Shane Barbi

Sia Barbi

at the
Internet Movie
Data Base

The Controversial Barbi Twins

A Saturday morning cartoon and an MTV
show were criticized for being “too sexy” or “too controversial"

- FOX 411





























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Animal Activists

Join the twins in the cause fighting for the rights of animals.

Keep up with all the projects they are active in or support on their website



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Media contact
Barbi Twins:

James Gonis
(310) 315-8635   

The Barbi Twins, Shane and Sia Barbi,
famous celebrity cover models, known as
as the "Hottest Pinups" in the 90's creating
the legendary "Barbi Mania" branding worldwide.

Record Breaking Playboy Cover Models
Highest Rated E-True Hollywood Story
Barbi Twin Branded Merchandise
Worldwide Posters and Calendars
#1 War Time Pinups of the 1990s

They often played the dumb blonde role,
but there is
"brains behind the blonde..."

The Barbi Twins are:
Health book authors, vegans,
eating disorder spokeswomen,
community leaders for animal activism,
 producers of animal advocacy documentaries,
politically involved with their "Green Tea Movement" and other political projects...

 ... and much, much more.

Who Are The Barbi Twins?

Shane and Sia Barbi are identical twins who were propelled into a self-professed "seven minutes of fame" by strategically placed billboards, leading to record-breaking magazines and posters, culminating in world-wide press and recognition.  It is that recognition that has enabled them to follow their true passion - Animal Activism.

The twins retired from what the media called "a successful career" in 2000, walking away from major Hollywood jobs because of serious stalking problems.  As they were already famous they were put on a modified witness protection program.  They remained retired from show business for several years, but their pictures, calendars and merchandise became continued in popularity.  

Shane wed Golden Globe winner, Emmy nominated actor and star of the television series "Wiseguy", Ken Wahl in 1997.  E! True Hollywood Story reported that although Sia was seen with many high profile celebrities.  She remains single.

Visit Ken Wahl at:

Currently they concentrate on humane education and the welfare of animals helping animal charities and rescue groups world wide.  They are respected in the animal activist community and recognized as knowledgeable animal advocates. 

They volunteer at shelters rehabilitating dogs, assist in TNR (Trap, Neuter and Return) programs; participate in animal protests for such things as anti-pet shops, anti-puppymill, anti-circus and anti-animal experimentations (vivisection); hands-on in animal rescue projects during natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and Rita and the California Wild Fires; and active in supporting and lobbying for animal bills such as pet food safety bills, the ROAM bill for wild horses, the horse slaughter ban, ban on de-claying and the fight against factory farms and animal cruelty, and the ban on seal slaughter in Canada, etc..

They produced a calendar, "Pinup Pets", to promote awareness of animals in need of adoption, especially after natural disasters (as seen in the documentary Your Mommy Kills Animals); completed a television special on animal rescue called Rescue and Rehabbed; co-produced the documentary “Your Mommy Kills Animals”; appeared in an anti-fur movie, "Skin Trade"; an anti-horse slaughter documentary  "Saving America's Horses, a Nation Betrayed"; helping promote the animal documentary "Earthlings"; and are planning to produce two more animal documentaries and one animal television project.

Additionally, Shane and Sia spend much of their time as board members and activists promoting animal charities, like Willie’s Kids, a non profit organization, along with various members of the Willie Nelson family.

They also founded an animal activism website called (formerly the Kitty Liberation Front)



    Early Childhood - Career Unfolds  

Shane and Sia

  Born on April 2, 1963 in San Diego California, the twins lived seprately for most of their childhood.  They were tomboys that aspired to become nuns and veterinarians.  They had a family background firmly set in the celebrity and entertainment industry as their godmother is Dusty Springfield, their great aunts are the Andrew Sisters and their mother was a former Miss Ohio.  Therefore it was no great surprise when they began a modeling career at the age of 7 beginning with posing in a Sears mail-order catalog and continuing by being featured in top publications and fashion magazines such as “Seventeen”, “Mademoiselle” and “Teen”.

Barbi Twins Biography Video

    Barbi Twins Go Global  

  Their immense popularity as top-selling pinups in the mid 90's started with an eye-catching, larger than life, billboard  (blamed for a few fender benders)  was erected over Sunset Boulevard.  The LA Times did a cover story which then circulated through the world-wide media causing an international sensation. 

The Twins modeled in major fashion shows in Paris and throughout the world and for famous designer's and designer labels such as Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, John Galliano, Thierry Mugler, etc.  They were not only inside, but on the covers of national and international magazines, newspapers and tabloids such as Redbook, Cosmopolitan, USA Today, Newsweek, Sunday Magazine's News of the World, the Daily Star, National Enquirier, etc..  They had a multitude of guest and cameo appearances in television and radio shows and commercials (i.e., Super Bowl).  They had their own product lines (United States), calendars (International), comic strip (London, England), comic books (International), etc.
    Barbi Twins Fight to Overcome Bulimia  
  It is no secret that the twins struggled with bulimia.  They openly discuss their obsessions with crash-dieting, bingeing and purging, and self-destructive behaviors such as using laxatives for quick weight loss and exercising for 10 hours a day to keep the figure they believed was necessary.  Their disorder manifested into agoraphobia and prevented them from attending or accepting invitations to social events, and personal appearances turning down offers for television shows, movies and even dates.

Recognizing their imminent demise the twins turned to healthy avenues and during their recovery practice they received degrees in health and nutrition, biochemistry and kinesiology.  In 2000 they hit the lecture circuit in schools and colleges and the Learning Annex to teach others "How to eat to live, not live to eat".  In 2001 CBS 48Hrs featured their story in their program "Slim Chance" and they were also featured in a chapter in "Feeding the Fame", a book about celebrity addictions. 

As health authors, they wrote two health and fitness books.  The first, Dying To Be Healthy"  tells their story of their struggles with eating disorders and how they overcame them. It received major coverage in the media, as well as excellent reviews as “an honest, revealing and painful story”.

The second, The Eco Anti-Diet" was written to help people understand how to be "eco and animal friendly" while being healthy and fit. It outlines a food plan and eating style based on body type, allowing freedom from compulsive eating and promoting lifelong health and sound eating choices.  Dr. Drew reviewed their diet book with high marks. 

Both books have 100% of the proceeds going to animal charities.


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    1989 - 1995  




“Billboard Art Takes On a Tamer Tint”, LA Times , pg 1, Aug 3, 1989

"After observing the publicity for the billboard, Huge Hefner put the twins on the cover of his magazine with record breaking sales (sold out in less than 2 weeks)."

"The Barbi Twins", Cover, Playboy Magazine, Sep 1991

"The Barbi Twins and Me" by Frank Clifford, LA Times, pg 1, Sep 4, 1991

Barbi Twins: Shane and Sia; 1993 Calendar (released 1992)

"The Barbi Twins", Geraldo Show, 1992

"We Got the Barbi Twins", Super bowl XXVII Commercial, NBC, 1993       (View)

"You can ask us about our cup size or favorite positions but please no personal questions"  p. 13 Newsweek “Overheard” , Jan 4, 1993 (Answer when asked which sister was older.)

"Now Trump Wants Barbis", Star Magazine, Jan 12, 1993

"Barbi Twins", The Sun, Jan 12, 1993 Gave away 100 Barbi Twin Calendars!

"Heave Boat:  A parody of Love Boat" Mad TV, ABC Aired Jan 25, 1993

"Tongues Were Wagging in Manhattan", Mike Walker, National Enquirer, Jan, 1993

"The Barbi Twins", Cover, Sunday Magazine, News of the World, Feb 10, 1993

“Twinning Combination”, Rebecca Ascher-Walsh,  p. 16,  Entertainment Weekly, Feb 19, 1993

“From the Mouths of Babes:– The Barbi Twins’ Diet”. by Katy Kelly, USA TODAY, Life Section, pg 2, Apr 14, 1993


The twins were connected from
 royalty to celebrities, heroes to hoodlums.

 They reportedly caught the attention of the mob,
caused inmates to brawl and hearts to throb.



“Las Barbis”,  Stepping Out Magazine (Grenich village, NY), 1993

“Ken-do Muscles Saves the Barbi”, New York Daily News, Hot Section, Oct 1993

Blake Edwards offers to write script exclusively for the twins as a sequel to "10" called "20" but it was cancelled to due the untimely death of Dudley Moore.

"Sex Symbols for 1993", Stuff Magazine

"Barbi Twins  Unrealized Dream", Details Magazine, Aug, 1993

Huge Hefner sees the media frenzy the twins stir up, puts out a billboard for them and a second record breaking magazine featuring the Twins on the cover.

"The Barbi Twins", Cover, Playboy Magazine, Sep 1993

The Barbi Twins 1995 Swimsuit Comic Art Calendar'', Topps, (Released 1994 - Artists include John Byrne, Adam Hughes, Julie Bell, Miran Kim, Linser, et al.)

"The Barbi Twins"  Comic Strip, London

"Team America: World Police", Paramount, 1994

“How Sizzling Pair Beat Bulimia After They Took the Glamour World by Storm”, London Sun, Jan 27, 1995 

"Barbi Twins Dive Back Into Work", by Katy Kelly, USA Today, Life Section, pg 2, Feb 16, 1995

“Lust William",  London Sun, Mar 20, 1995

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"Top 15 Hot Sheet", Entertainment Weekly (Barbi Twin Adventure Comic) Aug 20, 1995

"The Barbi Twins", National Enquirer, Dec 6, 1995

Popular Calendar Line
Runs From 1993-2007

    1996 - 2000  

  "Will's Living Dolls", The Mirror (London, England) Jan 4, 19997

Eek! The Cat, Fox Kids, (ran from (1992 - 1997) - multiple cameo appearances:  Twin Rocket scientists, "Dr. Shane and Dr. Sia"

"Best of the Barbi Twins 1997 Calendar''. H & H Global Inc. (released 1996)

“Ken and Barbi/ Wiseguy Star and Blonde Beauty”, The Globe, Mar 25, 1997

"Donald Was Making a Fuss Over Twin Sister's, Shane and Sia", Cover, DAILY STAR, Mar 27, 1997

"Inside Life" Coffee Table Book, Greg Gorman, Rizzolil International Publications, 1997

"Barbi Twins and Zen Intergalactic Ninja, The Roswell Incident", Zen, 1998

"Prince of Hearts: Prince William has grown into a real heart-throb", by John Earls, The People, (London, England), June 21, 1998
“The Mission” by Matthew Sweet, The Independent, Oct 3, 1998

''Dying To Be Healthy: Millennium Dieting and Nutrition'', Sia Barbi (Greg Gorman photographer), Pentimento Entertainment, 1999  Reprinted 2nd Edition, Triumph Books, 2001

"Barbi Twins 2000 Health & Fitness Calendar''. Pentimento Entertainment, 1999

"History of the Barbi Twins", by Robert V. Conte, Studio Chikara, Aug 1999

"Bulimic Barbi; Twin Babes Nearly Died to Become a Centerfold", by Scott Marion, Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland), Feb 27, 2000

"Barbi Twins", Cover, Heavy Metal, Fall 2000

"How to Eat to Live, Not Live to Eat, lecture by Barbi Twins, Learning Annex, Los Angeles, (Also at other Universities and High Schools)Sep/Oct and Nov/Dec 2000

"Barbi Twins Grow to be Living Dolls", by Haillie Levine, New York Post, pg. 16, Aug 11, 2000

"Beauty Taken To Extremes", by Nanci Hellmich, Cover, USA Today, Life Section, pg 6 Sep 13, 2000  

"Centerfolds Talk About Battling Bulimia", by Rebecca Zak, Daily Trojan, Los Angeles, Nov 30, 2000

"A Guide to What’s Hip And What’s Happening “,  p. 28, Playboy Afterhours, Dec 2000

    2001 - 2005  

  "The Barbi Twins"  E! True Hollywood Story, 2001

"Twin Peeks (models Shane and Sia Barbi)", by Bruce C. Steele, The Advocate, Feb 13, 2001

“Top Sex Symbols for 1993”, p. 92, Stuff Magazine, Mar 2001

"Drop Dead Gorgeous", Cover, LA Daily News, Health Section, Mar 12, 2001

"Dying to be Thin, Shane and Sia Barbi Wanted to be Models, Even If It Killed Them", DAILY NEWS, Los Angeles, Mar 12, 2001

"Candid Talk With Shane and Sia About Eating Disorders", Chat Transcript, CBS, Mar 15,2001

"Triumph Over Double Trouble", Press-Telegram (Long Beach, CA) Mar 27, 2001

“Exclusive books excerpts on Diana’s boys”, p. 149, REDBOOK, Sep 2001

"The Barbi Twins Strike A Pose In Their Patriotic Calendar", National Enquirer, Oct 16, 2001

"We Were Freaks, Women Were Jealous of Us", by Emily Sheffield, The Evening Standard, (London, England), Nov 26 2001 

"The Unbearable Lightness of Being the Barbi Twins", Cover, pg 317, Ocean Drive, Dec 2001

"Barbi Twins" calendars (print run from 2002 through 2007)

“Slim Chance” , CBS 48 hours, May 21, 2002

"The Barbi Twins, America's Top Pin-Ups", Major Editorial, London Telegraph Magazine Jun 2002

"Bing Fails With the Barbi Dolls", Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland), June 3, 2002

“For awhile Prince William was smitten by the American Models the Barbi twins “, p. 81, Hello Magazine,  Nov 12, 2002

“The Truth Behind the Real Life Barbi Girls”,  p. 145, Cosmopolitan (UK edition), Dec  2002 

"Number One Best Selling Pinup Models Talk Candidly About Their Life Threatening Eating Disorder", Complete Woman, Dec/Jan 2002

“Barbi Twins Give Troops A Lift”, National Enquirer, Apr 29, 2003 

"Barbi Twins Sue Flynt" By Tina Reilly, XBIZ NEWS REPORT,  Nov 14, 2003

The twins were determined to change their image to health and fitness and were starting a vitamin line that was due to be introduced in 2004.  Shots taken previously at Playboy studios that had been decided to never be released found their way to Hustler without permission along with a fictional story.  The twins sued alleging that it was detrimental to their new health image. 

"The Barbi Twins", Cover, Playboy Magazine, Sep 1991



  “Feeding the Fame: Celebrities Tell Their Real-Life Stories of Eating Disorders and Recover" by Gary Stromberg and Jane Merrill, Chapter:  "The Barbi Twins (former celebrity models, animal rescuers", Hazelden Publishing, 2006

''The Eco Anti-Diet, plus confessions'', The Barbi Twins., AuthorHouse, 2006

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The Barbi Twins and Protecting Pets, Bill O'Reilly, Back of Book Segment, Jul 12, 2006

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"The Barbi Twins Remodeling Their Life to Help Animals One Day at a Time", Cover, Pet Press, Aug/Sep 2006

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"Barbi Twins on Anna Nicole:  We Tried to Help" TMZ, Feb 13, 2007

"Twins' Anna Grief", New York Post, Page Six, Feb 14, 2007

"The Collection Agency; Animal Rescue or Animal Hoarding", by Shane and Sia Barbi, Beverly Hills Times, Feb 2007

Twins Lead Animal Rights Protest at UCLA against Vivisection, Feb 14, 2007

"Blonde and Blonder", National Enquirer, Mar 5, 2007

"Barbi Twins and their Dogged Friends", Hustler, Mar 2007, View Page 1 Page 2

Pet Food Recall Can't Save Playboy Playmates' Pussycat:  Lawsuit Filed, by Jill Atkins, National Ledger, Apr 25, 2007

"America's Top Terrorists:  The Barbi Twins!", by Shane and Sia Barbi, Hustler, May 2007

"Barbi Twins Protest Primate Experimentation", Best Friends Magazine, Think Globally, May/Jun 2007

"Your Mommy Kills Animals", Animal documentary, Indie Genius Prods., Associate Producers: The Barbi Twins, VARIETY, Jul 19, 2007

 "A thoroughly fascinating, well-presented examination of the animal rights debate that is both provocative and thought-provoking."
Rotten Tomatoes, 91% Tomatometer!

Twins Drag Out Dead Cat”, TMZ, Jul 14, 2007

"Barbi Twins to Lead September 28th Rally Against UCLA Animal Research, World-Famous Models Shine Spotlight on Animal Cruelty", MarketWire, Sep 27, 2007

"Celeb Sisters' Wildfire Rescue", TMZ, Oct 27, 2007

"Crews Go After Pets Left in Fire Evacuation", by Emily Bazar, USA TODAY, Oct 29, 2007

"Barbi Twins Expose Government Attempts to Silence Free Speech", Hustler, Mar 2008

"Willie Nelson Needs Your Help to Save Horses From Slaughter!", by Caroline Gutierrez Goddard, She Knows, Entertainment, Jul 7, 2008

"Do Hollywood Stars Support Causes or Cults?", by Shane and Sia Barbi, Beverly Hills Times, Oct 2008

"Los Angeles Homeless And Their Pets", by Shane and Sia Barbi, Beverly Hills Times, Feb 2009

“Playboy’s Barbi Twins Target GOP Rep. Hastings Over Wild Horses”, The Huffington Post, Jul 24, 2009

"The Barbi Twins", Go Vegan Radio, Interview (listen), Oct 15, 2009

"Models Share Tips On Helping Animals During Natural Disasters",  Fox News, The Strategy Room,  Sep 1, 2009

"The Barbi Twins Call Howard Stern to the Rescue", Examiner, Sep 3, 2009

"Skin Trade the movie" - Shannon Keith, Uncaged Films, documentary on fur industry, Sep 2009


In 2006 the twins through themselves completely
into their efforts to help save animals.

 To keep up to date and find more of their activities dedicated to animal activism and media coverage
be sure to visit their website





"Barbi Twins Trade Naughty Poses for Animal Rescue",  FOX 411, Oct 23, 2009

Barbi Twins Controversial Sexy Twins Interview, by Mitch Marconi, Post Chronicle, Oct 23, 2009

"Barbi Twins Slam President Obama, Democrats, Over Animal Rights Issue", By Hollie McKay, FOX News, Nov 27, 2009

"Barbi Twins Help Animals During Natural Disasters" Fox News, Strategy Room, Dec 23, 2009  (Video)

"EXCLUSIVE:  Willie Nelson Joins Barbi Twins in Effort to Save Remaining Wild Horses", FOX News, Dec 23, 2009

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"Sex Kittens Have Their CLAWS OUT Against Declawing", Examiner,  (Includes Reader Poll)

"Saving America's Horses - a Nation Betrayed",  WFLF Humanion Films,, Jan 2010

"Barbi Twins Join Film & Speak Out to Save America's Horses!", Jan 2, 2010, American's Against Horse Slaughter in Arizona

"The Barbi Twins Slam The Fur Industry In "Skin Trade", by Castina,, Style, Feb 21, 2010

"The Barbi Twins Call In" The Howard Stern Show, Feb 25, 2010

“Barbi Twins Want Seal Hunt Banned”, Toronto Sun, Mar 15, 2010

"The Barbi Twins Urge Save A Seal, Join Club Barbi" Vegetarian Star, Mar 16, 2010

'Senator's E-mail Calls Activist Models 'Losers'", by Thane Burnett, Toronto Sun, Apr 2, 2010

“The Barbi Twins Make a Bold Statement for Animal Rights” ExtraTV, May 9, 2010

"Barbi Twins Milk 'Earthlings' Spotlight in Australia", by Reedu Taha, Huffington Post, May 26, 2010